The giving on Sunday’s and otherwise is considered as ‘stewardship’. We believe that the NT teaching on giving is towards individuals cheerfully extending their resources thereby exercising their faith in the work of the church and therefore participating in expanding the Kingdom of God. Financial integrity and accountability is of high priority in the church. By all means transparency of the book keeping/accounts would be in place, allowing for a member to access it for a valid reason. From time to time (preferably each quarter) the financial health of the church will be presented to the members.


Secondary Ministries


These are ministries which happen from time to time addressing Parenting, Marriage, Bible Studies, and the like. 


Worship Times


We believe the whole time spent in the presence of the Triune Lord on a Sunday or any other community gathering is centred on him. Which would mean singing, preaching, teaching, fasting, studying and giving are drawn from him and yielded back towards him as a response, being his children.




All are welcome to be members of the community of Faith. Those desiring membership require to align with the mission, vision, values and beliefs of the church, which will involve attending a membership class. It is further acted upon by actively and regularly participating in the Sunday services, Life Groups and by exercising Biblical stewardship.


Primary Ministries


We believe that discipleship is key to the Great Commission and these would happen through the pulpit ministry and the ‘Life Group’. The ‘Life Group’ would essentially be a community in which we become vulnerable and available, being influenced by studying the Word of God. These would include the ministry to children and young adults.


Next Steps